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Home tutor required physics, A-level tuitions, Mathematics teachers and math tutor in Karachi. We are the best tutor academy in Karachi so just contact us to get the home tutor at your doorstep. In case you want our home tutor to complete the course in the limited time period they can also cooperate with you even in this situation when other won’t. So just call Mr Farhan 0313-2287896 or 0213-4980618.

Maths is not an easy subject when it comes to understanding it, our math tutor in Karachi has all the capability in sorting out all the issue which your child is facing.

Mathematics gets harder when your thinking goes across the basics of it our Mathematics tutor in Karachi can give u the best possible answers about all the queries which you are facing.

Ahnaf Tutor Academy also provides female tutor in Karachi, for Maths, physics, chemistry, accounting, economics, English language. We only provide female tutors if there is a legitimate reason. Don’t ask us if you don’t have a genuine reason for a female tutor.

Our specialties are in providing tutors at your doorstep in just 3 hours and within your budget. We provide home tutors in defence, Clifton, PECHS, Tariq Road, Saddar, Askari 4, Malir cannt, North nazimabad, Gulshan e Iqbal, Gulistan-e Johar.


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We provide home/online tuition in all areas of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Saudia, Kuwait, Dubai, Lonon, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Canada, USA by highly qualified, well experienced, dedicated, result oriented and professional teachers and tutors. Every one in the faculty is an expert  in his subject bearing vast experience in education. Our Tutor academy is a name of trust, our team of perfect teacher are well seasoned expert in the field of Commerce, Science, English Language, Computer courses, Arts and so on. We also provide the best home tutors for I.Com, B.com, BBA, MBA, BCS, BA, CA, ACCA, CAT, ICMA, CIMA, ACMA, O/A Levels, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistrys education, B.Sc, Cambridge, Edexcel, AOA, K12, and junior grade schooling systems..

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We are providing home teacher or tutor for the following classes in Karachi, Lahore, Multan and other major cities of Pakistan.

Home/Online tuition from nursery, primary and secondary classes in Karachi.

Home/Online tuition for O/A Levels in Karachi.

Home/Online tuition for Inter commerce(I.com) and Bachelor commerce(B. com) in Karachi.

Home/Online tuition for BBA/MBA in Karachi.

Home/Online tuition for CA/CAT/ACCA/ACMA/ICMA in Karachi.

Home/Online tuition for Pre-engineering students in Karachi.

Home/Online tuition for Pre-Medical students in Karachi.

Home/Online tuition for commerce, arts, science sessions in Karachi.

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